We produce ground-breaking studies into how devolved place-based approaches can practically transform the delivery of public services.

Our latest published reports

Connecting People and Place: An action plan for addressing social isolation and loneliness in north Portsmouth

Breaking Barriers Innovations (BBI) and Health Education England (HEE) are leading a series of pilot projects on place and the social determinants of health across England.  The pilots seek to provide a facilitated and comprehensive approach to the place-based development and delivery of health and social care services that can address the social determinants of health and wellbeing.

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Thinking it Through Report

BBI convened a Roundtable on February 14 2019, which was attended by a number of senior managers and leaders from across health and social care commissioning and service delivery. The aim of this Roundtable was to identify the key challenges facing mental health services, how these are being addressed, and what the vision for the future of mental health commissioning and provision looks like, in light of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) and the independent review of the Mental Health Act.

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Pathways, Place and Priorities for Digital Innovation Report

Breaking Barriers Innovations held a Roundtable discussion on 20th March 2019, the Roundtable provided an opportunity for decisionmakers in the NHS, Local Authorities and industry partners to explore the implications for digital technologies in light of the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Bridging the Care Gap Report

This report captures a Roundtable discussion on how health and social care leaders are attempting to bridge the care gap between an overburdened acute hospital sector that has seen exponential increases in demand and a care system that is struggling to cope.

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HOMES Report

This report draws the link between the relationship between health and housing and how the NHS and local authorities can work together to ensure both are addressed through integrated strategy, engagement with residents, workforce development and service transformation.

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Education to Employment Report

This is a report done by Breaking Barriers Innovations’ Education to Employment team on behalf of Sunderland City Council, aiming to provide a springboard for discussion and with a primary focus on the radical improvement of life chances of 16-19 year olds, particularly those NEET (not in education, employment or training) and from disadvantaged background.

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Laying the Foundations for Place-Based Health and Social Care

The aim of this report was to present a new model for integration and innovation in health and social care that uses collaboration to create a unified, cross sector strategy to estates and infrastructure as the catalyst to meet the current financial and service demand challenges.

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Channelling the Flow

The aim of this report was to analyse constraints to transformational change in health and social care and present steps towards a flexible, more responsive system to more effectively manage patient flow.

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The Digital Future for Health and Social Care

Digital innovation should be used as a positive force to overcome barriers to the integration of health and social care and improve standards of delivery.

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